Vacationing in Florida or looking for Rhinoplasty Surgeons?

Rhinoplasty for the perfect nose?

Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Florida

The other day, I looked at our reservation ledger to see where most of our hotel guests were coming from. I had a pretty good idea as to what the results would be, but I wanted to make sure. In the hotel industry, it is important to know as much as you can about your guests. My hotel is in South Florida but customer satisfaction is a universal concept. Rhinoplasty in Coral Springs is another but I am jumping the gun here.

I wasn’t surprised therefore to see that 75% of all guest in 2015 came from South America, with the rest spread around between Canada, England and Europe. I know Europeans aren’t going to like very much the fact that I am taking liberties with England, but there were more British Europeans than others so it warranted a grouping of their own.

Anyway, back to the beginning. When a guest arrives and registers at the front desk, one of the questions he is encouraged to answer to (it’s entirely optional) is the reason for their visit. The answers were surprising. The majority of visitors came to Florida on vacation but a reasonable size, nearly 33 pc came to my state for medical reasons. And here where it gets even more interesting. Of all the medical procedures to could have elected to undergo in Florida, facial surgeries were the most common.

At the time of my in-house analysis, several of our guests were in fact here for medical reasons, and I was able to ask them directly if they would mind sharing with me their experiences with our medical facilities.

Of the 9 that agreed to talk to me, 3 were here for medical reasons and one was here because he had to visit a Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Coral Springs. (I didn’t even know what Rhinoplasty was to be honest!)

Now, how interesting is that? This particular customer came to Florida from Ireland, to undergo plastic surgery in… Coral Springs Florida.

The world is truly a wonderfully small and intriguing place.

Oh! Did I mention that a lot of the folks looking for rhinoplasty surgeries use CBD Oil as a supplement to make them feel even better.